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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

September 7 2004, first day of classes

Today I had print class. Normally this class is an eight hour class, and is this length because we take off to do assignments. Today was much shorter, and we were given a small assignment. We were to pair up with someone we didn't know, interview them, and write an article about them. It's corny as hell, what we call a sob interview. But it's a first try. My partner was Kate Mae Mill, here it is:


Kate Mae Mill’s brown eyes smile throughout our whole interview. As her eyes shift around the room she speaks of her dreams and aspirations, occasionally making eye contact. Her personality is warm and what she has to say is impressive. Her innocent face shows no sign of what she has been through, and neither does her determination.

Kate grew up in Barrie Ontario, one of the fastest growing cities in Canada. She describes it as an industrial town with a lack of culture; a service town with beds for city workers. Her tone changes when she speaks about ‘Mariposa’, the city’s re-known skating school. This school was Kate’s sanctuary until she finished high school and left home.

When asked if her parents are still together Kate shifts uncomfortably. Her parents separated when she was twelve, got back together, and then got divorced four years later. To make matters worse her father abandoned her and her family, moving to an island a distance away. She has not seen him since. He remains in her life only through email and the occasional gift.

Kate said this was an unexpected thing for her dad to do. He was a very likeable man, charming and seemingly trustworthy. Unfortunately his heart was never in the right place. He was a successful businessman who was focused on his career. He knew how to make money but not how to love.

Throughout this story Kate is able to keep a smile on her face. She says that the experience has only made her stronger. She surrounded herself with positive people, and became very focused and self-sufficient. She is not resentful, and says: “some things are just out of your control”. After her father left she dedicated herself to figure skating and school. She set her goals high and worked hard. Presently she hopes to carry on her passion for figure skating through journalism. I can tell she is passionate about figure skating, but says she couldn’t compete herself. When she was tested for her skating they
found she lacked some of the skills needed. With a grin on her face she says: “I can only do doubles, not triples”. This did not leave Kate discouraged; she is currently working on her coaching certification and is being considered as a journalist for the Olympic team.

Kate admits she was drawn to journalism for the glamour of it. She loves to watch The Today Show and says she wants to be just like Katie Couric. In the past she wanted to be an actress, but was denied twice by the Ryerson acting program. Kate now has her eyes set on the glamorous world of broadcasting, hoping someday to be on a morning show.

Kate hasn’t stopped once to feel sorry for herself and it has taken her a long way. She sees the world before her and knows she can attain anything. When asked about her current goals she says she’s just taking it all in right now. Her motivation has brought her to Ryerson’s journalism program and she will see where that takes her. She says “journalism is like a buffet of life for me”, and her smiling eyes now look hungry.


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