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Friday, July 08, 2005

everybody wants my body

When I was a young girl I looked up at my mother from my bath and said: “Aren’t vaginas beautiful, mom?” God, I mean what a great kid. This poem is in praise of the word body, and of the body itself.

Nobody has every loved my body
As much as you.
And not just anybody
Is somebody enough,
To have permission
To be so close to this body.
But we’ve created this body of love,
Of lust,
That follows us around
Like a strong perfume.
And you don’t even need to say anything,
Because I speak
Your body language.
You have the most beautiful body,
And embody everything
I’ve ever wanted
In a lover.
I’m afraid somebody else
Will realize
Jus how perfect you are
And that your body
Will grow out of my reach.
You’ve given body
To a life gone limp,
And nobody
Has ever done that for me
And my body.
I just thought
Somebody had to say it,
Because everybody
Deserves to know
They have a beautiful body.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

my body's nobody's body but mine
you touch your own body let me touch mine

- w

6:21 PM  

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