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Thursday, March 29, 2007

love from all over

Happy Birthday mom,

Some send their love, some send memories, and we're all thinking about you today...

beauty in the south


Although you're often gone
To your place in Garonne
You stay close to my heart.

You find inspiration,
Write great dissertation,
That's where you got your start.

Your house in Castelnau
Feels just like a "château"
To your visiting guests.

You entertain with flair,
Always a Camembert
With red wine at its best.

Today is your Birthday
And I wanted to say :
I wish you all the best.

Have a wonderful day!

Bon Anniversaire Yvonne!

-Marie Laure in Vancouver

when we had a picnic in Paris

"To my mommy # 2, wishing you birthday wishes on your special day. My childhood would not have been the same without you're warm and loving soul. So many wonferful memories with you and Gilly...from France to Alberta and even Whistler and Victoria! And I can't forget about our fabulous New Years Eve parties, throwing eggs out of the window!
I hope you have an amazing day and year, and i can't wait for the four of us to get together again for lunch.
Have a happy, happy birthday Yvonne,
Much love always,
Alexie (daughter # 2)"

-Alexie in Victoria


"Subway is crowded this morning. Great people watching though. Isn’t that the cute one in our class? It is! She’s just out of high school. Stream of humanity pours from the subway. “Hi!” “Oh, hi there!” She’ s very friendly for such a pretty girl. No attitude here.

Dressed in purple rushing across the quadrangle.
“We have a free class, want to go to the Great Hall?”
“No, I’m going home to wash my hair.”
She’s way too speedy for me.

Think I’m falling for her.
“We have a free class think I’ll go practice my typing.”
God, I took typing in high school and technical school and worked for six months as a typist. “Yeah, I need the practice too.”"

-memories of Yvonne when he first met her, from Rob Young in Vancouver

mom and dad

"When I think of you, Yvonne the first thing that comes to mind is the saying, "Good things come in small packages". There are so many great things about you. A tender sweet soul, easy to talk to about anything. Easy to be with like a walk on the beach. Courageous and spontaneous, travels anywhere at the drop of a hat, which I so admire. I haven't known you that long, but seems our souls have.

And as a picture is worth a thousand words.................I think this one says it all

mom and wanda

Happy Birthday Sweet Sweet Woman!!!!"

-Wanda in Ontario

maman et ses moules


Hugs and kisses,
Mum and Dad"

-Edward and Kay Wetherall in Ontario

mother daughter

"Obviously my memories of your mum are limited to your year in Norn Iron! but I will always cherish those evenings spent in good company with feta salad & wine, putting the world to right from the kitchen table in a little flat on Bachelors Walk!!
Yvonne is one of the most generous, intelligent, wise & unique women I know & I am blessed to know her & call her my friend."

-Karen in Northern Ireland

my mother dances on tables..

"I have terrific memories of your Mom, even from back when I was much younger - she is always just plain cool: artsy and warm, open to laughter and intellectual talks, always with an eye for neat details. Random memories: When I was only 11-years-old or so, she let me watch while she rehearsed a slideshow for an art history assignment, and it made me
feel like I was part of the group of smart adults. She would take you and your brothers to the movies and then cheer when
your Dad's name would appear on-screen. I remember her pointing out little details in life, the way plain yogurt tasted so refreshing with tortilla chips, or the way the tiles in the renovated kitchen had paw prints forever embedded in the clay.

Those are my random assortments, of which there are many many many more. Lastly, I always think she looks like Meg Ryan."

-Jenn Jamieson in New Jersey

keep right

"Yvonne, in her long flannel nightgown, looking like a pixie child and not the wise font of knowledge we know her to be, sits outside on the steps of our friend's home in the countryside of Mt Currie, B.C. We (who are first of all friends, but also book club members, are gathered together on the morning after a night of wine, discussion & laughter) are all cozy within, sipping coffee, while she sits transfixed, oblivious to the cold in the dawning light. Probably she has been there awhile while we slept, absorbing the truly magnificent and breath-taking beauty of the mountain and the surrounding wilderness. Of course she is clutching her notebook and earnestly writing down the thoughts and ideas that the the quiet beauty has inspired.

Joyeux anniversaire, ma chere Yvonne, de ton amie Christiane
Call me soon so we can go for a walk & a cafe au lait."

-Christiane Boulet in Vancouver

sweet maiden

"It was a beautiful fall day when Mama Young offered to drive me across town. She and Gillian were headed in that direction any way and I had an errand to run.

We took a route I’d never been, unfortunately traffic along that portion of Queen West was a nightmare. But, it didn’t matter I felt like we were exploring.

Once the quick errand had been run we unanimously decided that lunch was in order. Greek Town on the Danforth was not far off so we decided to roam until we found the perfect bistro. And did we ever.

An elderly Greek restaurateur was alone on the floor as he was helping his daughter out for the afternoon. He kindly sat us and immediately took a shining to Yvonne. She spoke with him about her trip to Greece with her husband and friends. He was elated.

“You’re a pretty mama,” he kept complimenting her. He was so engrossed with Yvonne’s charm and beauty that it took him a moment to realize there were other patrons at the table. We were giggling and nodding along with her. He just had so much to say to her.

After our delicious meals had stuffed us to the brim our new Greek friend brought us a complimentary honey dessert.

With three women, three forks and one dessert – there were no survivors.

It was an afternoon I’ll never forget.

Mama Young has this way about her, she has such an adventurous spirit and she’s always seeking. She knows life is a process that you should learn from but enjoy. She’s a gutsy Irish lass on a beautiful path. I’m inspired with the way she always takes a moment to enjoy her surroundings and she always makes new friends along the way. And for this I greatly admire her.

Happy Birthday Yvonne, may it be delicious.

With love, Robyn"

-Robyn, my room mate in Toronto

maman and me

Happy Birthday beautiful, I love you like crazy.


Blogger Luli said...

Happy Birthday, Gillian's Mum! That is really lovely of you to organise that for your Mum, she must be very proud of you.

8:38 AM  
Blogger Joy said...

Happy Birthday Mrs. Young!

8:57 AM  
Blogger Yvonne said...

Mon Dieu,

I'm crying my eyes out. You all make me sound so amazing, like a person I'd be in awe of - afraid to talk to even... thank you everyone. You have no idea how much this means to me. And you, Gill? I think you're a keeper as a daughter. Love you, the birthday girl

9:15 AM  
Blogger tatiana said...

joyeux anniversaire mère Young!

Gill - this was absolutely beautiful! Thanks for this. . .

What a wonderful reminder that we all need to live life at its fullest.

~ tatiana

7:49 PM  
Anonymous T said...

You and your mom look so much alike. Nice.

7:21 AM  
Blogger andrea said...

Gillian, reading this actually made me so teary! my favourite part was when your mom said she had to go home to wash her hair...that has got to be..the best line ever. and i agree with the others -- you and your mom look so alike -- you both are beautiful! happy belated birthday, gill's mom!

7:34 AM  
Blogger Julia said...

Gorgeous birthday tribute! Happy birthday Mum-of-Gill! Two beautiful ladies...

3:26 AM  
Blogger A Novelist said...

What a beautiful post! Happy Birthday to your wonderful mother! :)

6:21 PM  
Blogger The Late Bloomer said...

What a wonderfully unique way of expressing your love for your mom... As always, I am in awe!

Just beautiful.

6:39 AM  
Anonymous maitresse said...

Happy Belated Birthday! To my great regret we never got to meet while Gill was in Paris, but I hold out hope for future trips to France! Amitiés, Lauren

11:22 AM  

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