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Saturday, November 08, 2008

beat down on this heart of mine

With the final votes in America made history.

At home with a cold, I cough and sneeze victoriously, and hope that every articulate word out of the new president's mouth will be realized over the following years.

That maybe, the economy can start to crawl back up again. That maybe, small income families will be better off. That maybe, we can put an end to the war, and that pulling out won't lead to worse chaos. That maybe all of America can set prejudice aside and love a half black president and open their minds a little. The fact that he won by a long shot is a good start.

In my own life I am striving for change as well. Little by little I am starting to feel like the whimsical, poetic, strong-willed female I thought I was starting to lose.

I am proving to myself above anyone else what I'm capable of.

I have recently been thrown into a new world. A new city, the beautiful, rain drenched city of Vancouver, with mountains that climb into the clouds and an ocean that stretches on forever.

I have been thrown into a newsroom, with serious stories and people that have a great sense of humor and understanding of the world. I have learnt how empowering it is to know what's going on all around me. I have seen how confident I feel even in new situations, and that there may be a place in this industry for me.

Today the rain falls heavily, a grey Saturday morning, but my heart is optimistic as I deal with other changes.



Blogger princess Martyna said...

You are a very lucky young woman, Gillian.

4:40 AM  
Blogger Lacey @ The Road is Life said...

Does this mean you are back on the west coast?? Are you done w/ school??

Rain as it may be... at least you have plenty of fabulous sushi!!!


12:21 AM  
Blogger Gillian Young said...

I am on the west coast! Doing my internship at CTV Vancouver, and yes it won't stop raining but it is fully worth the sushi and extremely affordable wild salmon! I still have a few more months of school when I go back in January, and then I'm done!!

5:35 AM  

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