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Saturday, November 01, 2008

a bientot mes amis

My parents slipped away, somewhere in between the time I fell asleep on the sofa, moved to my bedroom, and awoke early this morning.

After a night of Chinese takeout, attempts at making a classic martini, rich conversation and wordy fortune cookies, I realized I'm really going to miss these two.

"You know you're the only one I tell these things to," I say to my mother, whispering her things I can barely say to my own shadow.

There was a note this morning, in perfect handwriting, 'Bye my loves, see you in France'. In around a month by brother and i will join those two crazy kids in the South of France for Christmas.

For now, this big empty house tells me memories from my childhood in every room. I'll miss their company, our meals, and my mother's persistence in driving me to work when she knows I can just as easily take the bus.

Part of me is looking forward to the silence, quiet moments with my thoughts, and being forced to be on my own for a while. I enjoy my own solitude and it's rare that I have it.

I'm looking forward to the rest of my stay in this incredible city, and relishing the new wave of inspiration that has flooded over me recently.

Life is far from perfect but it feels pretty good these days.

A bientot mes amis, I'll see you in France.


Blogger Medio Pomelo said...

You are so lucky you can share your toppest of top secrets with your Mum. I don't know where I went wrong communicating with mine but all I can share with her is insignificant chit-chat which feels more and more painful every time we do it.

12:25 PM  

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