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Monday, January 01, 2007

looking back on 2006

In 2006 I…

Lived in Paris where I made some amazing friends
looking down on the street

Flew to Ireland to visit my family
leaving Paris

Tasted Pierre Hermes macarons for the first time
choose your weapon

Flew home for Easter in Vancouver as my mother’s birthday present
ikea trip

Learnt a few things about life
truth on a bathroom door

Was taught to prepare a feast from a Cordon Bleu chef
the feast begins

Had a couple of visitors
tell the world i'm here
rainy day

Became an official Paris blogger
blonde bloggers

Had my first professional massage
my bulle

Spent two weeks at the Sea in the North of France with the children
les poissons, les poissons...

Said goodbye to my job as a nanny
when i took care of kids

Spent one week in the South
aurevoire Castelnau-de-Montmiral!

Made a stop over in London
keep right

Experienced my first Indian wedding in Vancouver
cleansing the groom

Moved in with two great girls in Toronto
roomates in wonderland

Took on my first restaurant job

Turned 20

Held my fist photo exhibit
the photographers

Had a couple of catering jobs

Celebrated Christmas in Vancouver
santa baby

And then flew back to Toronto to bring in the New Year, and to work my last night at the restaurant. I have decided to start the New Year with a new job, a better camera, and the same attitude that took me so many places in 2006.


Happy New Year everyone!


Blogger eurobrat said...

bonne chance.

12:04 PM  
Anonymous Jen said...

Happy New Year!
Hope you had fun last night... I may or may not have had a little too much to drink. It was messy. lol

1:12 PM  
Blogger tatiana said...

Happy New Year! Wishing you more success in 2007... you are well on your way, girl! Thanks fro providing me with such a great distrction in 2006 - you've scratched my *itch* to get out there & enjoy life more!

1:26 PM  
Blogger Wenda said...

More than some accomplish in a lifetime. All the best for 2007!

10:59 PM  
Blogger Joy said...

Happy New Year!! I love that new camera . . . I have one just like it! :)

1:27 PM  
Blogger A Novelist said...

What a great post! Happy New Year! I hope 2007 is good to you. :)


2:25 PM  
Blogger beabop said...

Pierre Hermes was just voted to have the best croissant in all of France. Just something to remember next time you are there.

4:21 PM  
Blogger jennifer said...

Bonne annee et meilleurs voeux! Sorry also not to have had our paths cross on the West Coast, but I left some goodies with your Mom to send your way.

The years just keep getting better and better. Momentum is a great thing, as is an ambitious "look out world" spirit - happy 2007! I have a feeling this is going to be a BIG YEAR for everyone.

Jenn (back in NJ) (and yes, please come to NYC)

5:51 PM  
Blogger ioana said...

happy new year to you too!

i visited your photo gallery, and i read you blog all the time.. i really like it.

and about the photos.. i loved 'keep right' (London underground, August 2006), because it gives me the greatest feeling of happiness, and the thought of 'i go where life takes me, life is great and worth living'...

also, 'watching the cars go by'... it reminds me of this beautiful song, called chasing cars (by snowpatrol) 'if i just lay here.. would you lie with me and just forget the world'

but the one i liked most is 'sun drenched apartment'. it's just... it leaves me speechless. it reminds me of a person a once loved, and his apartment, in the morning, when he left for his daily training.. and the sun came in and shined over the place... it was such a beautiful light... warm and orange.. and simply breathtaking...

i associate a song with almost all your outside-pictures. they're great. thay say more than a thousand words.

so.. happy 2007 and i hope your new camera will help you take pictures of all the beautiful things around you...

8:11 AM  
Blogger Josh said...

we'll have to make sure to get a few good photos to make sure "drank with buddy who is tall and loud" makes the 2007 roundup, no? Happy New Year.

1:02 PM  
Blogger Charlie said...

Gill, a belated happy new year to you! I enjoyed spotting myself (right at the top!) in your photo montage of the year. It really was wonderful meeting you in Paris, and while it seems so long ago, those are definitely times I will always remember fondly. Hopefully we'll see something of each other in 2007, though life sure does get busy.... Best of luck with the new year!


10:16 PM  
Anonymous Florent said...

Bonne année !

Je te souhaite plein de bonheur et d'amour en 2007 !


2:22 PM  
Anonymous maitresse said...

happy new year my love!
can't wait to see what 2007 holds for you.
that last picture is beautiful, how in the hell did you do it? very claude cahun.
je t'embrasse très fort.

3:44 AM  

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