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Sunday, August 12, 2007

sunday for the senses

The day started with smells of sweet melon, pungent cheeses and salty saucisson at one of the region's best markets.

I picked spices from a woman offering three kinds of curry, two kinds of massala, Cajun spices, Mexican spices, and plenty of other spices in bright, fiery colors.

It continued with lunch, and the flavor of fresh tender fish soaked in a lemon cream sauce, finished with a rich blackcurrant sorbet.

With the sun still strong we soaked our hands in a friends garden, fetching water from a well and taking care of his land. We picked sweet yellow plums, crispy apples and zucchini from the ground.

At dinner we feasted simply on local flavors, curried beans, cajun eggs, and a big green salad.

As the sky grew dark we danced under the stars, moving our bodies with the locals to the sounds of acordian music.

I fell asleep late, content, pleased with having a day for my senses.

chat de saint-antoinin
medieval musician
french shoes


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