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Thursday, November 11, 2004

the artists

My mouth
You loved my mouth
My lips never ceased to amaze you
Your fingers exploring them
Like you’d created me
An artist amazed by his masterpiece
Now you throw words at them
You don’t see them
A feature
The same as anyone else’s
The fire they once held
Their colour
Like any other
No different than a mailbox
The red light
That stops you
When you run away
And this thought
This thought tears me apart
You are my David
The perfect man
Sculpted to perfection
Skin cold
Solid as stone
I can touch you
But there’s no response
These days all we do
Is tear ourselves apart
Driving each other to insanity
Our screams bounce off
Cold white walls
And we break each others hearts
All the while
We make one another
Feel alive

We our each others art.

the artists, originally uploaded by gill.

I'm playing with poetry again. It feels right.


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