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Thursday, November 18, 2004

i'll be by your side

"In high tide or low tide, I'll be by your side" sings out of my computer. Jack Johnson and Ben Harper harmonizing with each other. The lyrics, the singers, the beat, are all appropriate to the photograph I'm looking at.

The picture was taken at the end of last summer. Me and my close girl friends at the Ben Harper and Jack Johnson concert.

I wouldn't have made it through high school without these fine women. A tight knit group that held me up at many points. Dealt with my bad moods, my need to be alone, my offbeat sense of humor.

We sit in the picture smiling, a ray of light caught in the photo. We all dressed separately and yet seem to match. Light floral prints that suited the day, the music and the easy mood of the concert.

I had just come back from Ireland. A year away and they took me in as if it'd been a day. Barely made comments about my body-I was half the size of when I'd left. They were my protection against those who did.

We spent the day floating through the crowds. Swaying to the music. Smoking dope. Getting questioned by the cops (which was more funny than anything, me running through the crowds to get my ID, Miki giggling as they called her parents). Yelling inappropriate comments at the beautiful Jack and Ben.

They made me happy to be home. They made grade 12 something to remember. Made it sufferable, we escaped together. Hid out from the West Vancouver attitude and lifestyle. Made snarky comments about the young girls and their Louis Vitton handbags and Artizia tracksuits. Spent weekends at Value Village and each others houses. Raiding each others fridges and laughing at one another. Going off at parties to dance together in a separate room. Dancing always went hand in hand with drinking.

If we ever lose each other, go our separate ways and stray too far, I'm happy I have this photograph. A gentle reminder of what he had.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I TOOK THAT PICTURE... yes lets admire my artistic magic. Gill i will always cherish you. CHeers to many good times, jack johnson naked and well, dancing (cuz you know we can't cheers without a drink ;))

3:54 PM  

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