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Saturday, February 12, 2005

i spike my own drink

Last night was a cocktail of free drinks, soft lighting, heavy beats, dancing, clubs and lounges.

For the night we had all the right connections. A man who works for the same store as me made a point of showing Shirin, who has just arrived in Toronto, and I a sample of all there's to see for Toronto night life.

We went to a modern sushi restaurant that had a DJ playing, a lounge where everyone was decked out in Gilligan's Island style beach attire, a club with a woman on the dance floor holding a microphone and singing flawlessly to the tracks, a club where a group of men with bongo drums played to the music, a lounge with a free mini bottle of champagne for the ladies upon didn't stop.

A party organizer and a man with friends in charge of guest lists everywhere had us sitting first class in Toronto's urban lifestyle. How's life in the fast lane? A little too fast. We could barely get comfortable in one place before we were on to the next. By the end of the night we were planning escape routes. And after all ambient, clean; beautifully designed clubs it was a relief to escape alone to a gritty hip hop club. We left at three when dancing was becoming an effort.

I've always loved the idea of living the high life. They have to call it v.i.p for a reason right? But if you're always rushing; unable to make connections with leaves you feeling pretty void.

At the end of the night I still have to look back at myself in the mirror and go to bed alone.


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