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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

walking it off

Sometimes it's been a long week before the week even starts. I don't give myself time for rest.

Reporting class left me running on empty today. Sometimes it seems black and white as the final print thrown on your door step every morning. Sometime it seems like the same recycled bullshit over and over again. Journalists huddled around the city trying to make a story out of anyone; out any of anything.

My mind spins. So much to think about. Work, school, play.

The only way to rid myself of angst is to walk it off. Remember why I love the city and why there's blood pumping through my veins.

I walk hurriedly and look up for no one. A friend told me he saw me walking and that I stood out because of the attitude in my step. It's funny that being lost in thought can so easily come across as attitude. I pass two homeless women huddled in blankets. They are extremely polite and tell me to have a nice day.

I walk up through China town into Kensington Market. There I go to Moonbeam Cafe and scribble thoughts over tea. This is my therapy. This is me.

I wander through the vintage stores. A store called 'Courage My Love' is almost like a sanctuary. Beautiful vintage, indian jewelry, soft warm lighting, folk music and a Middle Eastern feel. It's narrow and stretches long into the back, the shelves lined with colourful goods.

I buy a pair of warm boots at another store where a woman lets me pay with all the cash I have. I pay $16.50, bag my sneakers and wear them home. Wandering back through Chinatown, the glow of of the fruit stands guide me to Queen St. West. And I've remembered. I love the energy that runs through the air.

I feel lighter and head back.

the essential is invisible
A thought provoking quote on the wall of the bathroom stall. It's from Le Petit Prince.
moonbeam cafe
Moonbeam cafe, where I choose from around 20 jars of tea, all with descriptions of how they were made and the foreign lands they come from. Enthused I chose green tea with vanilla, which the woman puts into a tea bag, sticking a stick through it so it can sit and seep into my cup.
The glow of the Chinese merchants and their produce.


Anonymous Georgia said...

Just stopping by and catching up on your posts.

My morning grooming routine is very similar to yours. Bronzer, blush and of course black black eyeliner. The list goes on. I've tried to go out without makeup, but years of vanity have forced me into only feeling comfortable with a shield of face paint.

A while ago, I also lost a very large amount of weight and resembled a walking smiling skeleton. I've gained it all back, but the mistakes I've made, and the problems I've had still seem to come up to bite me.

Keep writing.


6:32 PM  

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