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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

spring cleaning's got me gleaming

Material things have the ability to make like temporarily easier. In a world of iPods; vitamins; diet pills; digital cameras; cellulite cream and other magical wonders, there seems to be a cure for everything.

My personal favorite: clothing. The right outfit is uplifting, the right style flattering, the right sweat pants comforting. Clothing goes hand in hand with accessories, make-up, and all the other costume pieces that help me face another day.

But if the material clutter becomes a burden, it's time to be released.

Little by little I donate some of my things to a charity drop-off.

I don't want to keep something that's of no use to me or only brings back bad memories. I can hold onto something that makes me feel ugly, but even if I do wear it again, how is this a good thing? I'm regretful if it's a gift, but it sits lonely in my drawer and has the ability to make someone else much happier.

Little by little I am released from the weight of material things. Keep it simple I tell myself. In choosing a nomadic lifestyle, packing lightly is key.

My body has followed and my period begun. I'm sorry guys, close your eyes and move on to a testosterone filled site if this subject bothers you. I am bloated, cramping, and slightly grossed out with what my body is capable of...but I'm cleansing.

I'm cleaning out my closet; my body; my life. I'm up early to see the sun rise and I'm respecting my life choices.

The air is warmer, but so is my approach to the day.



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