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Friday, March 04, 2005

here we are now, entertain us

If the world is a stage, then you know what, let me dance on it.

There's something enigmatic about entertainers. They have this ability to switch on and off their charm as quickly as you change the channel to find someone more interesting.

We love them, hate them, laugh with them; even laugh at them.

And yet an entertainer can lighten up a room with nothing but a few words. I can't help but envy this. They can seduce a crowd so well; project themselves so easily.

Tonight a few of us journalism women went to be part of the live audience for Rick Mercer's Monday Report, a parody on politics, not unlike The Daily Show, that airs Mondays on CBC. It makes the news much more interesting by adding a twist of humor. Politics is the bread of some people's lives, but I like my bread with butter and jam. Humor adds flavor and makes it easier to digest.

It was a pleasure to sit in the audience. I'm attracted to the entertainment industry right now. It's a scene I'd like to be in, if only to try it out. I want to put myself up on a pedestal and see what happens.

There's something about the power and influence the industry gives you; the status; the name.

Maybe I'm just another young journalist, hungry for fame. But I like the hunger of wanting to taste dreams, feel desire, and push my determination. And I only lose my appetite if I question myself.

rick mercer and us girls
(this is a photo of a photo and came out a little warped..)
the ladies


Blogger dbry said...

I don't know anything about where you live or your college newspaper, but you have so GOT to start writing a column or an editorial. You would be perfect for that! I can just see people sitting in a little cafe with their lattes and paper stretched out reading these words of yours...

10:24 AM  

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