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Monday, February 21, 2005

can you imagine?

Once upon a time a good imagination made every day a fantasy.

As a kid you have complete control over your world. You can be a warrior, a witch, a monster, a mother, and the richest man in the world all in one play date. Your backyard is a jungle, and your fort transforms into a fortress the second your young eager eyes lay upon it.

These days, a little imagination can check you right into the third wing of a psychiatric ward. "She thinks she's the most beautiful thing the world has yet to see...we'll need some drugs immediately."

Last night my mom and I immersed ourselves in the movie Neverland and I remembered it's okay to dream. I remembered hiding objects in the bushes of our front yard and creating my own secluded sanctuary. Using the branches as shelves and dandelions as decoration. In that tiny space I had everything I could ever want.

Now I'm grown up...and I'm supposed to want more. I'm supposed to want a nice house, sturdy furniture, a lawn, children, a stove, a dishwasher, a porsche, and an espresso machine. That's what a good career and positive outlook will bring me wont it?

But that's the American dream, not my dream, and I know I know better. I want love, lust, travel, warmth, good food and beautiful clothing. Maybe not in that order. Good food first? Then lust. Oh god, I'm such a lush.

I helped my mom choose numbers for the 649, and we're going to win. Why? Because I like to imagine. I dare to dream. I like to envision her screaming and smiling. Paying off all our debt and flying to Paris first class.

If I don't dream and envision myself writing for Vogue and supporting myself...then I have no reason to work my ass off at university. Dreams give me drive. And they give me a chance. And they make every waking day more bearable.

If you dare to dream, you can dare to make your dreams a reality.


Blogger dbry said...

Girl, I fantasize about winning the lottery all the time. Hey, someone has to win!!! Some quotes for you...

"To imagine is everything, to know nothing at all." ~Antone France~
"It may takes years to realize a dream, but dreaing itself is an elevating experience." ~ Maya Angelou~
"There are two ways to approach life- as a victim or as a gallant fighter." ~ Merle Shain~

9:06 PM  

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