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Monday, February 14, 2005

my funny valentine

Happy Valentines Day. To the lovers and to the beautiful single people. To the heart broken drowning their sorrows in a box of chocolates wrapped in red tin foil.

I found a poem I wrote last year:


the rain wasn't wet enough
to keep my hopes from running dry
you sold me out again

And so it is for some of us. Love doesn't come in a Hallmark card. Not even in a delicate blue box from Tiffany's. It's everywhere else. It's the moment you break down the walls of intimacy and hold somebody. It's late night conversations with your closest friend. It's going to bed with your lover and re-discovering them. It's going to bed alone and holding yourself, grateful to have a body; a face; blood flowing through every limb.

A box of chocolates gets eaten; roses die. Moments of pure bliss and honest love don't. Whether etched in your memory, right in front of your face, or pulsing through your entire love struck's there.

I am single but overwhelmed by the love I am capable of feeling. Sometimes all it takes is some time out with a close friend.

the great wall of china


Blogger dbry said...

You write beautifully...

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