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Friday, February 25, 2005

mama said there'd be days like this

My mother walked out of my door room tonight. She walked out into the snow and out of my daily life. I have to remind myself that miles or kilometers can't separate nomadic hearts.

While she was here I tasted Toronto's finest fruit. We dove head first into the different cultures, restaurants, streets and ethnic dishes.

I was reminded of what is important to me. What it takes for me to be happy. Basically, anything sensual.

I requested some fabric paint from Walmart and my mother embraced the idea by bringing me a rainbow of colours good enough to eat. I resumed decorating my suitcase...the easiest to spot on any carousel.
Today we wandered through the Ontario Art Gallery, marveling at Christo's Gates and lush paintings from the Renaissance. We bought art posters on sale for my bedroom for inspiration. I refreshed my bulletin board.

Last night we went to N'awleans for Blues night and lost ourselves in the music. David Rotundo played the harmonica and sang like a southern angel. Perry White seduced the crowd with his saxaphone. I spoke to both of them about life, music, art, travel...and everything that makes my heart beat.
The female bartender made me continuous Jack Daniels and Coke and had a permanent smile on her face. We laughed about dancing to top 40's and understanding philosophy. And I realized I fucking love the blues. How refreshing to find upbeat music as melancholic as I am.

We tasted it all. Greek, Indian, fusion, Mexican, Irish, French, and one overpriced, delicious, dabbled over with drinks meal in Yorkville. I love cooking. I love spices. I have a mean appetite. And Cosmopolitans and Jack Daniels should be a food group.

A train trip to Port Hope. A trip through China town, India town...and all the cultural hot spots in Toronto. Nothing lifts the spirit more than discovery.

I am going to hold on to this feeling until my hands bleed. How blissfully wonderful to feel good. To live, and love, and embrace your surroundings.

Bon voyage maman. Je t'embrasse.


Blogger The Awkward Crew said...

Gill! I told you N'Walins was damn good. But you were unenthusiastic.

People never listen to me, I'm always right.

12:31 PM  

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