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Sunday, July 31, 2005

joyeuse anniversaire

We used to walk to school with matching Sailor Moon umbrellas, and run through a stranger's sprinkler when the summer sun was too much for us.

We used to jump on my bed and dance to Ace of Base, then make perfumes out of shampoos and lotions found in the bathroom.

She always laughed hardest at my jokes. To this day she makes me believe I'm someone worth spending time with. She laughs, listens, and always seems reluctant to say goodbye.

Karyna has been by my side, on and off, since we found each other at elementary school. A regular at my kitchen table, this fine young woman never ceases to amaze me and my family.

Karyna has been herself from day one. Never a crowd follwer. She is always bursting with ideas, projects and a strong personal sense of style.

I don't have enough fingers to count the amount of times I've envied her individuality. Her beauty. The radiance she exudes by simply breathing.

She's not anybody, somebody or everybody, she's her own strong willed body.

I hope her head is held high today on that modelesque body of hers.

Happy Birthday Karyna, I send you love across the ocean. Gros bisoux, et je t'embrasse tres fort.

beautiful Karyna


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