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Sunday, June 15, 2008

my girl

I set down a heavy tray of wine glasses, slosh their fluids into a giant bin and then steal a piece of one of the untouched tarts set to the side. I moan over the creme brulee topping and buttery pastry surrounding it.

It's nearing 12:30 a.m. and I'm told the first bus going back to Toronto is leaving. But I'm still buzzing, and out in the crowd, The Temptations, with one original member have started to play. "You realize those are The Temptations right? The Temptations!" No one seems quite as excited as I am over one of the world's most popular Motown band singing and shimmying on stage.

I spent last night in a tent out in the fields in Niagara, Ontario's beautiful wine region, catering for an extravagant dinner and auction.

The tents were hot, the shift was long and we were understaffed, but the food was beautiful, the crowd was alive, everyone was donating to charity, and most importantly...The Temptations were there.

Well, maybe not most importantly. The donations to the Sick Kids charity were outstanding, and shivers ran down my spine when Jann Arden offered to donate 100 thousand dollars, and then watched as the rest of the room worked together to meet her offer. There was a lot of money, and a lot of love in the room that night.

I got home at 5 a.m. this morning, and as we prepare the apartment for a dinner party, I think of my father. My father, also a lover of Motown, good food, and someone who understands working long nights better than anyone.

As his only daughter, I have always felt like his girl. He has always shown me love in some way or another, and beams with pride with my every success. He doesn't spoil me or dote on me, but he loves me, and that's all I really want.

He has taught me to relax, enjoy life, but work hard for what I want.

Happy Father's Day Dad, I haven't forgot you, and I'll always be your girl.

my father
father and daughter


Blogger la femme said...

Jann Arden is the best. When we lived in the buck fuck nowhere north, her voice kept me from insanity.

Beautiful entry. Happy fathers day!

3:41 PM  
Blogger Jordy said...

this is a great entry.

my first concert, when i was 10years old was Hall and Oats opening up for the Temptations, that was in 1991. I think at that time there may have been more than one genuine Temptation.

I think that last sentence should be the name of a novel.

Happy pops day indeed.

9:37 PM  
Blogger Rob said...

You'll always be my girl!

Votre Papa

6:11 AM  

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