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Friday, January 16, 2009

looking back on 2008

Last year began in the grand canyon with my brother
gill and bren
It continued in Toronto with some great shows put together by my broadcast class
sean and gill anchor
I celebrated the opening of a cancer support facility by my aunt in Brampton
love my mama
And then celebrated another success, the beginning of Hidden Lounge supper club
me and natty
I faced one of my biggest fears and chopped all my hair off
hair cut
Survived a week of 15 hour days and minimal sleep at the Rogers Tennis cup
rogers tennis cup
Saw our business featured on the front page of the Life section in the Globe and Mail
Hidden Lounge in the Globe and Mail
Watched my wild cousin become a beautiful bride
beautiful bride
And then, with love in the air, flew to California to see another wild, wonderful woman (and cousin) get married
cheeky bride
Back in Vancouver I witnessed a moment that will be marked in history
I completed a successful internship at CTV, a week at CKNW radio, and finished with a great dinner at Vancouver's underground restaurant
After Vancouver, I flew to the South of France, and enjoyed a quiet month with my parents
yvonne in Albi
I was reunited with my best friend...
my one true love
Celebrated Christmas without presents but a lot of love
rob and his loves
And brought in the new year with an old friend, in one of my favorite cities, and started the year off right
miki in paris
Back in Toronto, with a few more months to go before I get my degree, I have only good feelings about the year to come.


Anonymous aubergine said...

Nice wrap-up, and beautiful photos, as always. But no mention of the beau?

Happy 2009, Gill. I look forward to many more adventures, especially those in France. If I were you, I'd never leave Paris again.

10:01 AM  
Blogger Gillian Young said...

The beau and I have split! Another change in the new year, but we're still friends and it's all for the best.

Back in Toronto but I'm sure there will be more French adventures to come...

8:47 PM  
Anonymous aubergine said...

You'll find "him." He's looking for you, too! Be patient, and stay true to who you are.


10:15 AM  

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