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Friday, December 05, 2008

at a glance

Today was market day in Gaillac.

The rain poured on and off, but we filled up on fruit, vegetables and duck for dinner. The man at the fruit stand shoved us a few extra kiwis since "They are filled with good vitamins, great for your muscles," before making it his duty to find me a husband.

"Tu n'est pas marrier?" With those eyes? Before I knew it he was calling the young cheese man over. "How about him?" The young man grinned and told him not to scare such a beautiful flower.

Only in France am I so aware of being a woman.

After filling up our market bag we made our way to the Cafe des Sports, a casual brasserie for lunch. For such a casual setting, every meal served around us was beautiful. Our lunch specials-white fish with muscles in a cream sauce-and salads went beyond our expectations. As we cleaned our plates we admired the steak frites, creme carmel and poached pear desserts being served around us.

Having regained my appetite after a day of feeling completely off kilter, I later found the energy to enjoy one of my favourite country walks. The cold wind nearly swept me off my feet, but I was invigorated by the winter weather.

I will always miss the warm months of summer, when the countryside is golden under the sun. Around this time of year everyone closes their shutters, the streets are empty and the restaurants bare. The usual festivities are nowhere to be found, but I find new comfort in warm winter meals and walks. There will be less drinking, dancing, and basking in the sun, but this is a good time to rest.

I always find myself in this town right between stages of my life. It is a good place to crawl up, think, enjoy life's pleasures and prepare for life's challenges. I have a lot awaiting me when I return to my own reality, so I will take advantage of these slow days down South.

gaillac market
our street
down by susan's house
the virgin
blue shutters


Blogger Robyn Burns said...

I cana cana wait to be there!!

I'm finding the same thing with the old italian men. They're loving the booty I think. I had a 70-year-old hit on me in a museum in front of a statue of Hercules. I won't repeat what he said here. I'll wait till I'm in person. hahahaha

Love you.

1:33 AM  

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