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Friday, November 19, 2004


I need to jump a train
Because it’s been months now
Since I’ve run away
Left my present reality;
Sat as a sardine in a plane.
Already they think they know me
Scripted my personality,
So ready to call my name.
Time to go now,
Yes time to go.
Time to make my train.

Need to lose myself in scenery
See myself in a city’s light
Or in the vastness of bright green fields;
The countryside at night.
I need to make love
To a different country's land
I just don't want the people here
To think they understand.
Because I’ve bared my soul,
I've exposed it to the masses,
And he’s just never the right man.

A different language
Might tell me different things,
It might just stop to listen
Take time to hear
Each word I say;
Tell me what I’m missing.
I’m always running
I’ve got to keep on running.
You know the people here
They think they know me,
So I’ve got to make my train


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