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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

you really do love yourself don't you?

The other day I was thinking how I'd like a nose job.

We all have that minor flaw we'd like to change. How many times have I heard women rant and rave "my ass!", "my thighs!", "I'm fat!", "I have no boobs!".

Lets get real. "Even I don't look like Cindy Crawford when I wake up," said the woman herself.

My mother and I have both see women come into the stores we work complain over and over about their bodies. The truth is, it doesn't make a difference what shape or size they are. A woman's flaws become her beauty if she carries them right, gives them the love they deserve. What would become of Sex and The City is Sarah Jessica Parker was flawless? Her sex life and shoe obsession would probably just be annoying. Instead of cute and quirky she'd be...boring.

Confidence is key. It doesn't matter what you look like if you can walk the walk and talk the talk.

I've met ugly guys that are so sure of themselves they transform into unattainable gods.

So then what is ugly? A face that's not asymmetrical? Or is it deeper than the structure of a face?

For someone so insecure I guess I really do love myself. I mean, I love being with myself, sleeping with myself, even dancing with myself. Sometimes I wonder how I could ever get married when I'm so happy by myself.

I'm sure human compassion and a raging sex drive will take over some day and force it to happen.

But here's the thing, at the end of the day, any year from now, I'm always going to be with me. You will always be stuck with you. So why not just fuck it and be as cocky as possible? Still giving, caring, sharing, and loving...but respectful of yourself. Self loathing won't get you a promotion. Confidence will.

So I guess I'll forget about the nose job. I don't think my scholarship will cover it anyways.


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