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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

look around you

Snow storms hit Toronto. An earth shattering earthquake hits Indonesia. I look around me. Comfort. How did I ever get so lucky? Friends and family pour me wine; laugh with me; dance with me.

I look around me. The sun glows on the Pacific Ocean. Take it in..take it in...take it all in. It won't be long until the icy streets of Toronto throw you on your face. The city I love is slowly turning into a winter wonderland. Wonderland as in 'I wonder if this winter will ever end..'

Let the photos speak of my last couple days.

Spending quality time with my women at Aimee's good bye party.
With my beautiful Greek, who looks more like Prince every day.
A moment of serenity caught on yesterday's bright sunshiney day.
Trying to keep up with those who walk in the sea wall.
The wine flowing at my family's Hawaiin themed gathering.


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