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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

baby, it's cold outside

Cold weather reports are hitting news rooms and 24 hour shelters are being opened. No more dressing lightly. No more exposed skin. I had to walk a few blocks to the mall to do a survey for journalism and found my whole face aching in pain. The other day I felt like crying as my hands were in agonizing pain under my fleece gloves as I walked to work.


A couple of times today I have felt like going outside, running, and continuing to run until I disappear into oblivion.

I am too tired and it's making my emotions shaky.

I have been around people constantly for the past week. As much as I love to socialize, help people at work, survey people for journalism, and live on a floor full of people...I am running dry. I am feeding myself to the world and have little left for myself to feast on.

The other day a Toronto entertainment news crew came into work and I had to be on camera for a few minutes. The woman said something like "And we'll be talking about what not to wear at the Globes," holding up a mismatching skirt and top, "maybe they should get some help from a stylist!" and I whip out a matching top for her to put with the skirt.

I was a little tired, feeling a little less than attractive, and far too exposed when I was in the mood I was in.

My cheeky Aimee leaves Thursday and I wish her the best on her travels.

For now I need to rest and find my place in my body again. Regain fluent trains of thought, find my ground, and make an effort to sleep.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The fake Ugg boots are not the answer to your chilly-ness. Even if they were real, still not. Lol. Long underwear, that's where it's at...

Sleep well cupcake. Hope you feel rested in the morning.

10:10 PM  

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