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Sunday, October 17, 2004

18 years baby!

I am so happy. I have been shown so much love already. It's one of those rare days you're actually ecstatic that you were born. I'm so glad I was given a chance to be somebody. No matter how small and without impact, I am someone. I wrote a poem just to feel the words in me again. I've had poet's block for some time now. Here are 18 couplets to celebrate my 18th birthday:

If I can make it 18 years on this earth
I may just live forever

Sometimes I’m in love with it all
The man in the grocery store; an unmade bed

I look into the mirror
A woman looks back at me

Eyes green as Ireland
A curve to the hips

My hands move
Always moving

Not nervous but restless
They want to touch everything

To create, to write
To feel their way through

I’m dropping the things
I know don’t matter

Picking up
From wherever I lost myself

Letting go of empty dreams
Chasing my disillusionments

Now I’m chasing myself
Up stairs, down roads; university hallways

It’s taken 18 years
To feel good in my skin

Listen to my cravings
Give in to smaller sins

Softness to my stomach
Once was my weakness

Now I see that I’m a woman;
My curves are the weakness of men

The more I’m at ease in this body
The easier it moves

Give it a beat
And it’ll find it’s groove

18 years and walking pretty
Loving it all, in this big old city.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Gillian,

I love your poem. I have known you since you were small and I am thrilled for you, roaming the big city, at ease with yourself, and loving your world.
Joyeux anniversaire!
Christiane Boulet

11:11 AM  

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