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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

i can still fly

My suitcase lies open in our bedroom, half packed. My boyfriend lies on the sofa across from me sleeping. The apartment is quiet in a comforting way.

I feel a calm sense of excitement. Tonight, I'm flying home to Vancouver for a week to see my family and gather my thoughts.

After working too many days in a row, balancing a job of late nights catering, long days of selling clothes, pulling a tendon in my foot and continuing to work on my feet for long hours, and spending most of my free hours organizing our new business, it became very clear that if I didn't take some kind of a break my body might just give up on me.

And so I booked a trip to Vancouver. Where I can relax. Take in the warmth, smells and sounds of my mother and father, and to do my favorite thing in the world: get away.

I have travel on my mind constantly, but my savings and free time are only great enough for a small taste of it right now. I find freedom of mind by planning more adventures than most could dream of once I graduate. I'll prioritize when the time comes.

And so my suit case is half packed, the way I like it, leaving the last to be thrown in moments before I leave.

Just having it out of my closet again makes me feel more like myself again.

above the clouds


Blogger la femme said...

have a wonderful break away from TO...

7:15 PM  
Blogger Sky said...

wow - fabulous photograph!

3:42 AM  

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