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Monday, May 11, 2009

days like this

The rain finally stopped pouring after dinner.

Sometimes this city is a weeping widow and the sky pours itself out in small bursts, then heavier bursts, stops for a second and then resumes.

I have never been good at rainy days. My hands go blue, I struggle to keep warm and my usual optimism falls by the wayside.

This morning I received my grades from my last semester of university. I did extremely well in the courses that matter most to me and passed a course I feared failing. I smiled to myself, celebrated with a hot shower and a casual lunch with my mother. We spent the day running errands and I prepared for my job as a server that starts tomorrow.

While the sky poured buckets I caramelized onions and prepared a stew on the stove. My grandfather called, and when I told him I got a job at a restaurant he said I should be looking for jobs in journalism. I told him the search goes on, and he said that I should be in the chair beside him sipping whiskey.

Minutes later my dad called to say he was coming home early, his voice bright as this is unusual in his industry.

When we sat down for dinner the sky cleared and the sun poured through the kitchen windows. The cold that stuck to my body all day started to drift away. I felt warm in my parents company, their presence calm and comforting, the perfect accompaniment to the hearty stew of vegetables, salmon and chickpeas.

After dinner I walked down the steep hill to the water, the roads still damp from the rain. I walked along the seawall with the wind in my face and the waves crashing against the rocks. I felt instantly revitalized, strong and good in my own skin. It may take time, but I can do anything.

I put on my headphones and turned up some Motown and a little Van Morrison, feeling a little more at home within myself and this city again.

lions gate bridge
west vancouver
sea wall walk

Congratulations to Jenn Jamieson for winning the Donna Hay cookbook contest! Thanks to the few who contributed, I loved your stories and hope to give out more great food books in the future!

donna hay


Anonymous Suni said...

Hey Gil, I'm looking for a nice digital camera...I was wondering if you could tell me what kind you use as your pictures are beautiful. Thanks! Congrats on graduating.

9:00 PM  
Blogger Gillian Young said...

Hey Suni, funny enough these are all taken on my iPhone because my Canon camera is a little messed up right now :)

9:27 AM  

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