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Saturday, March 28, 2009

sexy at sixty

She likes foods you can eat with your hands, sensual figs, olives and artichokes. She wears lacy tops, flowing skirts, and believes you should always blow your budget on lingerie.

Even more than that she is smart, filled with great ideas and literature. She is confident enough to dance on tables, speak her mind at any given moment, and to do the things that give her pleasure.

A former beauty queen, actress and dancer, she found something in writing, a voice for her passionate soul. She raised three children with strong values, and moved to France with them, making it look easy. She took them to museums around the world, read them poetry, and encouraged their individualities.

To this day she is beautiful, an actress with her eccentric hand gestures and Southern twang she likes put on, a dancer at any party or in any kitchen, and the most honest and erotic writer that I've ever read.

If this doesn't sound like a sexy woman, than I don't know what does.

My mother will always be beautiful and sexy to me, and anyone that knows her. I admire her fire, her courage, her elegance as she sits at a cafe with a notepad and ballpoint pen, writing page after page. I envy her ability to eat whatever she pleases, say whatever she wants, and look better in a pair of tight jeans than I do.

My aunt once said "Your mom has such a great little body! But she hides it under flowing clothing!" She doesn't flaunt her sexiness, but owns it, and reveals it subtly in velvets and laced, her neck smelling of Opium perfume, earrings dangling on her ears.

They say that as you get older you become more and more like your parents. If I can get older with the same fiery, bold, sensual nature as my mother I will be proud. She is, and always has been, a sexy woman who understands the art of living. And today, at sixty, I think she just got a little sexier.


Why is Yvonne so Sexy at sixty?
Firstly, her self-confidence and uniqueness make her so appealing. She is happy in her own skin. She inspires you to fulfill your own potential. You are brought into her fold and felt caressed and loved immediately.

Her sexuality is displayed in her ability to dress in a style that reflects her inner voice, She is a one-of-a-kind a masterpiece that you want to emulate and celebrate.

She is a woman possessing attributes that one strives a lifetime to achieve. She is loyal, independent, self-reliant, honest, dependable, happy, bold, witty and intelligent. Yvonne is a role model I want to emulate, I am enraptured by her magnitism. Her effervescent character, sense of humor, approachability give her an aura of incredible charm.

Furthermore, she accepts herself, accepts her sexuality and accepts her charms. Her sexuality is revealed in her talent, creativity, beauty and exuberant nature. Her caring for family, friends, neighbors and her own appearance underline her very feminine qualities.

I love you Yvonne and wish you a very Happy Birthday! May the approaching decade be flooded with good health, much happiness and prosperity.




Unlike the Young family, I am not much of a writer; however, I put this little "poem" together in her honour


We love you

Grosses bises,


turkey dance

Her sexiness exudes from her pores - her experience and appreciation of nature, its fruits, and bodies in general. Her appreciation of life and literature is sensual and sensuous, sexy in nature. It is a natural rebellion of all that was repressed in her childhood. Childhood is very sexy and alive, but we don't like to talk about it in those terms. Your mother is constantly trying to recapture that whether she is aware of it or not. What make it so wonderful is her incredible respect for others, nature, and life that makes it more vibrant.

All my love, Helen

yve and helen

As for sexy sixty that is easy.

Yvonne was a sexy teenager at Ryerson (remember I was young too). A sexy bride on a very sexy honeymoon. A sexy wife or life partner as she would say. A very sexy glowing pregnant woman as she carried
our three children. Now that she is turning sixty she is as sexy as ever if not more so. Perhaps because we see life differently now or as Joni Mitchell said "Monogamy is sexy".
Who knows. She is a beatiful Irish lass who can't help being sexy. She always will be.


mom and dad

Aside from the way she is so caring and friendly and generous, and that I don't really beleive she is turning 60 because she in no way looks like it, what charms me the most about your lovely mother is how open minded she is. I remember as a teenager feeling so comfortable around her, laughing with and talking to her and around her and not worrying what she would think of me. The summer I spent in France with you guys Yvonne made me feel so welcome. She is so full of energy but free of judgement, she feels more like a friend than a friend's mom - but a friend with alot more experience and wiser things to say. And better dance moves. I hope she has a fantastic birthday!

mucho love


Yvonne when we think of Sexy we think of you, because………….

Sexy is a woman who understands that life is an adventure and is never afraid to play a leading role in the next scene. Sexy women drink tequila, tell dirty jokes and forget what they did the next day. Sexy is someone who laughs easy and cries hard with those she loves.

A sexy women loves to dance, in tap shoes, after dinner on the kitchen floor. It doesn’t matter if she marks the terrazzo tiles, as long as she can express herself in sound and motion.

Sexy women don’t need men to prove they’re sexy. A bottle of good wine, dancing in circles to Leonard Cohen on the stereo, laughter and a girl friend is more than enough.

Sexy women love country and Western music. Real hurtin stuff that you can sing out loud, and picture yourself in every story told. She cries when love dies, but knows that tomorrow is another day.

She writes erotic poems, but doesn’t share easily. Occasionally though, the spirit moves her and she dares to let others into that secret place that only words can go.

Sexy women have sexy sisters. Together they are passionate, funny, crazy, wild, incorrigible, loving. They are so much alike, same mother, father sisters and brothers, same values, same truths and lies. So why are they different, unique, like a bouquet of flowers, each different but beautiful, vibrant and lovely. Although they don’t recognize it they are so much better, so much
more beautiful as a bunch rather that a single bloom.

A Sexy women understands the power of women and loves them for who they are. She holds them close for life understanding they are all sisters, unified by that which makes women unique, mothers of each other the earth, the wind and the sky. Their tears are sorrow, falling as raindrops that nourish all things that grow, their anger the storms that darken the sky, full of threat as they crash and blow but in the end wipe the world clean, their breath the wind that caresses the skin and their smile the sun that lights up the world and warms the heart of every sole alive. Sisters in life and beyond.

YVE on your birthday we celebrate not your age but your existence. The life you have lived, the wisdom you have shared, the love you have shown to so many friends. YOUR FAMILY we hold you close, understanding that you are so much apart of us that to try and separate even one memory would leave us wounded and incomplete. Happy Birthday, we love you.

Gael, Larry, Amie, Emily, Tommy and Sheeba XXXXXXXXXXXX0000000


Sexy at 60. The way she turns her head and smiles at you. Her wardrobe smart and sexy not granny style. Reading good books, meeting with her long time friends. Drinking good wine, dancing up a storm. Still married to her first love.We are the Zoomer's and we refuse to get old. We look after ourselves and do what is best for us. Turning 60 is not old, we live in a time where medicial advantages help us along.There is all kind's of anti-aging creams. We are the Boomer's. Happy 60th Yvonne. Have a great day, and I love you lot's. Your big sister Stephanie

tell the world i'm here

Yvonne is six decades of six sexy words: hope, ambition, and pursuing dreams.


mom reading outside

Even though I'm an Amazon next to this delicate beauty, her strength of character more than makes up for her petite stature! There is nothing childlike about the depth of Yvonne's thoughts & sentiments. One of her most sexy traits is her deep, unaffected laugh. It is a most engaging characteristic that immediately draws one to Yvonne because you can sense her sincerity and honesty. Her throaty laughter makes her seem even more approachable and warm.

Lots of love from Christiane to Yvonne on the occasion of your 60th. Hope to see you soon.♥




yve and helen

maman et ses moules

la belle

mother and daughter


Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow. I just cried.

Happy Birthday Yvonne, you are amazing.

and Gill, you are one hell of a daughter.



5:33 AM  
Blogger Robyn Burns said...


You are a true inspiration.
Knowing you has helped me realize just what it looks like to follow one's own passion in life.

Forever will I remember your wonderful laugh and vibrant smile.

Happy Birthday!

With love,
Your much taller 'surrogate' daughter.

12:01 AM  
Blogger Sky said...

Happy Birthday, Yvonne! Hope the year is filled with contentment. What a nice tribute to your mom, Gill.

10:57 AM  
Blogger YY said...

I am overwhelmed, so overwhelmed that I could not even say thank you last week so I came back today - exactly one week after my birthday - and read all these wonderful tributes again. Thank you, thank you everyone. I don't often feel like the woman described so this year, I wish to see myself as you do - my dearest Gill and friends.

Love, Yvonne

11:50 AM  

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