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Sunday, August 17, 2008

making headlines

The sudden attention towards our business is a little overwhelming.

Last night we had a dinner party with a last minute cancellation and some other surprises, but that's a story I'll have to share with you another day.

From this point on I am expecting good and bad criticism to start heading our way. Something I am preparing myself to deal with.

A friend sent me this link yesterday however, and I am happy to see some support from my home city Vancouver.

poppy seed crusted tuna


Anonymous aubergine said...

I've owned a successful British Pub for 15 years. As far as the restaurant business goes, just worry about what the customers are saying. Those are the only opinions that really matter. Online comments (except this one!) from the general public who have never been to your establishment mean nothing.

Hand out pre-stamped postcards for the guests to complete anonymously and mail back to you, asking for their opinion. Either give them a series of questions to answer or just provide them a space to write what they want. Or both.

Or, set up a website poll. is great for that. Pass out a card at the end of the evening directing the diners to the online poll.

Don't get discouraged. Ideas like this need time to take off. GOOD LUCK! It took me three years to start making money.

11:52 AM  

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